What is Coco Peat?

Coco Peat is the non-fibrous, spongy, light weight, corky material that holds together the coir fibre in coconut husk.
There are 2 types of coco peat, the low EC (washed) and high EC (unwashed). The low EC coco peat is used as a growth medium for various kinds of plants while the high EC coco peat is used as animal bedding absorb animal waste so the farm is kept clean and dry.

Coco Peat Block Specifications :

The Advantage Of Coco Peat Polybag

The compression ratio of cocopeat polybag is 2 : 1. The cocopeat’s structure is pack as a compress.

It can make the cocopeat decompose within ten years of use. This is very helpful because the utilization of cocopeat can last longer.

Coco Peat Polybag Specifications :

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What is Coco Fiber?

Coconut fiber is fiber extracted from the outer shell of coconut. The outermost coconut shell is processed through milling so that the fiber can be decomposed into long shapes and is usually yellow or brown in color.

Coconut fiber is widely used for industrial needs as a substitute for foam and other synthetic materials.

Coco Fiber Bale Specifications :

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What is Coir Rope?

Coir rope or coco rope is an eco- friendly product made from waste coco fiber. This coco fiber is then twisted using a machine to become a
coir rope.
Coir rope used to make a variety of products, such as brushes, floor mats, mattresses, doormats, and rope for use
in boat and house construction.
This coir rope has several variations of winding, or often referred to as ply. Generally, many ropes use 2 ply.

Coir Rope Specifications :