Coconut Sugar


Coconut Sugar is an natural sweetener made from the sap of coconut palm trees with a light to dark brown granulated texture. It is easy to melt soft granulated sugar as well as cane sugar but richer in flavor.


We provide Vanilla Tahitian and Vanilla Planifolia according to consumer demand with affordable price, perfectly build and premium quality and ready to ship worldwide with international standard of regulation.


Pure Tea Product We strive to make the best potential that the tea product can represent its origin. Starts from freshly picked tea leaves which are picked by hand and meticulously transported to the plants for further processing. Our certified organic teas are pure in character and exceptional in flavour.


Richly spiced and varied, the cuisine of Indonesia reflects the diverse nature of its numerous islands in the largest archipelago in the world. Our spices source from the highest quality powdered spices. Our products are grown by Indonesian farmers in order to provide the highest quality spice products while maintaining the sustainability of the best quality spice products.