1. How is Coconut Palm Sugar Made?

Harvest from the Sap of Coconut Palm Flower by tapping the flowers buds every day. Boiling of translucent Sap for 3-4 hours allowing evaporation of excess water content till Sap become Coconut Palm Sugar in Golden Brown Colour. Quality of Sap depends on the Climate.

2. What is the difference between organic and natural coconut sugar?

The organic coconut sugar and natural coconut sugar raw material come from the different farmland. The organic coconut sugar has been certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program (NOP), EU Organic, JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards), and Organik Indonesia. All of the products we carry are grown organically without chemicals or pesticides, while the natural coconut sugar do not carry the USDA and other international organic it just certified by the Indonesian organic farming inspection and certification (INOFICE). But still, the natural coconut sugar cultivated without chemicals, pesticides, genetic modification or radiation treatment. While we prefer USDA certified organic products, obtaining the USDA certification can be a lengthy and costly process for many suppliers that already practice organic farming and offer excellent quality products. We conduct additionally testing on products that have not been certified organic to ensure that they are free from chemicals, heavy metals and other contaminants.

3. Do you offer Coconut Palm Sugar in Bulk?

Yes we do. Please contact us with your requirement. We offer bulk packaging with competitive pricing.

4. Do you offer OEM/ Private labelling?

Unfortunately we do not have the private labelling service since we only sell in bulk.

5. Could you send product sample?

Yes. We do provide sample subjective to location. We do provide International Courier of Sample with Term & Conditions.

6. What is your MOQ?

Bulk packaging MOQ is 1 (one) Metric Ton. Please contact us about your project & procurement as we can custom made your order.

7. What is your lead time?

On average 2-4 weeks, depending on your order quantity, our plants capacity utilization and shipping schedules.

We do not rush orders production because we want to ensure quality of products anticipate with clients requirement.